A Lunch Date With Ellen


I met this awesome lady during college at The University of Texas at Austin. We hadn’t been able to hang out in a while since I moved to Seattle and Del Rio after graduation. Luckily, my extended visit to Austin meant time to catch up over a delicious lunch at Walton’s Fancy & Staple. This little restuarant in the heart of Austin never fails to make me happy with it’s awesome macarons, cool vibe and pretty succulents. Add the company of a dear friend and it’s a good day.

2014-08-15_0001 2014-08-15_0003 2014-08-15_0002 Waltons-3740

Condo Light with Katie Jameson


I always have the best time shooting with Katie Jameson. Not only is she gorgeous, but also extremely talented and a lot of fun. When I saw my parent’s downtown condo, I knew it would be a perfect playground for two photographers thanks to the lovely afternoon light and a palate of neutral colors.

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Lexi + Steve: Engaged


It was a gorgeous spring day for Lexi and Steve’s engagement session! Their love for each other is so apparent and it was a joy to capture that in these images. We visited a few of the most photogenic spots along South Congress and South First Street, which gave this shoot a classic Austin feel. These two will be getting married at Umlauf Sculpture Garden in the fall.
2014-05-09_0020 2014-05-09_0021 2014-05-09_0022 2014-05-09_0023 2014-05-09_0024

Explore More: Cannon Beach


These photos have been sitting in my computer for far too long. They originate from a lovely trip to the coast of Oregon with my husband and our good friend, Matt Portillo. I finally got around to editing them when Matt came to visit Del Rio on his way down to Guatemala last week. The photos of the guys running into the Pacific Ocean need two pieces of information to be fully appreciated. First, this was Matt’s first time to step (or fully submerge) into the Pacific! Secondly, it was about 45 degrees outside and the middle of December. Can you see why I opted to take the photos instead of joining them?🙂

2014-04-21_0014 2014-04-21_0018 2014-04-21_0015 2014-04-21_0021 2014-04-21_0022 2014-04-21_0017 2014-04-21_0019 2014-04-21_0020 2014-04-21_0008 2014-04-21_0006 2014-04-21_0002 2014-04-21_0004 2014-04-21_00032014-04-21_0025 2014-04-21_0010 2014-04-21_0024


Fuji Instax 210

The Fuji Instax 210 that my sweet husband gave me last year has since captured dozens of little moments – from desert sunsets in Arizona to a friendly seagull at Alki beach. My most recent set of instant film shots were taken up in Seattle during a trip with a dear friend, Katie Jameson.

Edward & Sara: Engaged


When I first met Edward at the beginning of pilot training, I was excited to learn that he is from Portland! Jared and I had just moved to Del Rio, Texas from the Pacific Northwest and we love everything about that part of the country.

Recently, I got to hang out with Sara while she was visiting Del Rio for a couple of weeks! Sara wanted some engagement photos with Edward in his Air Force uniform and I was more than happy to help. At one point in the session, we stumbled upon an American flag flying in front of a white wall in old downtown Del Rio. This led to some very patriotic images. Perfect.

Congrats, Edward & Sara!

2014-04-17_0043 2014-04-17_0044 2014-04-17_0045 2014-04-17_0046 2014-04-17_0047 2014-04-17_0048 2014-04-17_0049 2014-04-17_0050 2014-04-17_0051 2014-04-17_0052 2014-04-17_0053 2014-04-17_0054 2014-04-17_0055 2014-04-17_0056 2014-04-17_0057 2014-04-17_0058 2014-04-17_0059





Explore More: February in Seattle


I met Katie Jameson through an Instagram meet-up last summer. We decided to grab coffee later that week – which is when we realized how much we have in common! Whether we’re talking about our faith, photography or our shared love of fashion, I always enjoy time spent with her.

We had the opportunity to travel to Seattle together in early February. It was Katie’s first trip to the Pacific Northwest and there was a lot to fit into our four days of travel. We ate at Oddfellows, drank coffee at Vivaci, met up with friends and explored Whidbey Island. It also snowed quite a bit, which allowed us to take some lovely winter portraits. Seattle summers are undeniably gorgeous, but there’s also something so lovely about Seattle winters.

Gerac Family: Maternity


Last weekend, I photographed this beautiful momma-to-be, DeLena, and her husband, Jonathan. It was super cold outside, but the weather worked in our favor to create a romantic, windswept desert vibe. Congratulations, Geracs! Baby Liam has two wonderful parents.

Brian & Debora


Debora was one of the first people I met soon after we moved to our current base. I was excited to learn that her husband, Brian, was going to be in the same class as my husband, Jared! I’ve loved getting to know the Bertkas over the past nine months. Picking up sushi from HEB with Debora and our other friends on base has quickly become one of my favorite Girl’s Night activities. Del Rio becomes a lot more appealing when you have a great community around you!

Product Shoot: Best Friends Crochet Co.


When it was time to take my puppy, Zuri, to the groomer for the first time, my mom highly recommended Emily. Not only is she a fantastic groomer, but she is also talented at crocheting. Emily is starting her own business called Best Friends Crochet Co.! Her lovely scarves come in a range of colors and sizes – including scarves for dogs! Zuri looks absolutely adorable trotting around Lady Bird Lake in her little red scarf. Once her website is up, you can find more information on Best Friends Crochet Co. here.


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